Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath

Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath has spent much of his life as a relentless advocate for children and minorities in India and abroad, and he presently serves as the Founder of Mother Teresa Children's Foundation.

As a well-respected community leader, Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath has devoted his life to fighting for the rights of suffering children, particularly the homeless and poverty-stricken children of India’s streets. When his work with the “Mother Teresa Save a Million Lives” blood donation program brought him face to face with the horrible reality of children dying in the streets, he knew he had to do something about it. Out of these experiences and his life-long respect for Mother Teresa, the Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation was born.

Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath also serves as the president of the Global Council for Indian Christians and actively speaks out against the genocide in Sudan and human rights violations against children and minorities. He has personally organized massive medical and educational outreaches for the poorest of the poor in India and around the world. His work has earned him the Pope John Paul II Award for Communal Harmony.