MTCF Provides New Borewell

The Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation is on the move, making a difference in the lives of Bangalore’s orphans with a brand new water well. Now the street children who come daily to the MTCF Children’s Homes find a cool, safe drink of water and a place of rest. A homeless child in India knows all too well how important a simple glass of water can be. Almost 400 million children in India live with no reliable source of water, and the water they can get is often contaminated or even deadly.

“If I didn’t want to drink the water in the street, I had to walk two hours to the canal,” says little Aalam, an 8 year old boy who has been living on the streets in Bangalore since his parents died in a cholera outbreak in their village. “Even in the canal, it was hard to find water that didn’t make me sick. The women wash the clothes there, and all the animals use the water too. I couldn’t go to school because there was no water there, and it was too late after I walked back from the canal.”

Before the well was built, Aalam came to the MTCF Children’s Home every day for his meal and a place to sleep, but there was just not enough safe water for all the children. But now thanks to caring people like yourself, Aalam and so many others like him can get not only the food and shelter they need to survive, but safe, reliable water to keep them healthy and strong.

“Now I can go to school with the other children”, says Aalam after he waits in line to get his water at the new well. He thanks the staff at the MTCF home, and walks to school with new hope.